Smoke Screens

You will not find this book in a bookstore near you.

“Smoke Screens, the truth about tobacco” by Richard White.


If you are a smoker and don’t plan to quit: Read this book. Your cigarette will taste even better and your loss of bad conscience will make you live longer.
If you are a smoker and want to quit: Don’t read this book. It may convince you not to - and then make you live longer too.
If you are a non-smoker (not very probable since you are reading this) only read if you are open-minded and have the guts to face new facts.

The facts presented in this book are new to me - they have been hidden from public consumption since the start of the cold war - when I was born.
Richard White tries (and mostly succeeds) to launch a massive counter-attack on the Official Truth on Smoking (OTS). Some of the presented facts:

  • Your lungs do not get painted black on the inside because of smoking, the reason for this is cancer (which can have many reasons, in fact we don’t know)
  • Cancer and CODP (norwegian = KOLS) continue to increase over the whole wide world - even if the number of smokers hit its peak in the 60’s, fifty years ago
  • No scientist has been able to induce lung cancer in any animal (they really have tried)
  • The statistics on lung cancer and smoking has not been correlated with the social background of the statistical population. Smoking is now a typical lower class habit and it is a well known fact that these people have a less healthy life overall (it is strange that pipe- and cigar smokers enjoy a longer life than the non-smokers, but they typically belong to the upper and middle classes ...)
  • The tobacco industry has (wisely) stopped most of its financing of the research related to smoking and health. On the other side, almost all research on these questions are now paid for by government institutions and agencies with their own interests (salaries, careers). And - worse - a big chunk of the money now comes from the pharmaceutical industry. They see a big earning potential in the manufacturing of stop-smoking products. This industry is very eager to portray nicotine as a dangerous addictive drug (it is not dangerous and not addictive, it is habitual). Each time they manage to increase the taxes on cigarettes, they are able to increase the prices on their own products (in Norway a cigarette will cost you around 5NOK = $0.83, this always almost equals the price of a norwegian nicotine chewing gum - strange, the cigarette is heavily taxed, the extremely simple to produce chewing gum is not. They actively promote their expensive “nicotine inhaler” while they at the same time actively oppose the superior and cheaper e-cigarette)
Even more shocking is the fact that this natural drug do have some positive effects (as most natural drugs have):
  • Heavy smokers are less likely to develop Alzheimers and Parkinsons in old age (I can not yet confirm this)
  • Smoking makes it easier to concentrate on any task and also enhances both short- and long-term memory (I can confirm this)
  • Smoking strenghtens your immune system (I think I can confirm this)
Why are these facts hidden from us?
This does not mean, of course, that the facts presented in Smoke Screens constitute the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But it does speak against the Official Truth and it should open for an overdue needed discussion.
I must admit, I still have difficulties to believe that smoking doesn’t lead to lung cancer and CODP, but it makes me wonder (hope).
This makes the proponents for a ban on passive smoking look like ludicrous liers. Their crusade is not based on what we know, only what they believe. And what they believe has now sadly become the Official Truth.
This is not about health, this is about politics, money and morality. So let us treat it like that.

You may not like nicotin or smokers, but ban them?
You may not like alcohol and drinkers, but ban them?
And even if smokers and drinkers hurt themselves, that should be their own responsibility?

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